St.Joseph's School Nawada. A Catholic minority institution by reason of religion is established and administered by Gaya Parish Society, a charitable society registered under Societies Registration Act XX1 of 1860 Bihar.  The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

It is situated in the lush, verdant town environment of Nawada, the 06-acre settings is ideally suited for an educational institution. The school buildings themselves are a marvel in simplicity and economy yet high in utility level. Excellent facilities are provided for Scholastic and Co-scholastic activities

Though the school is meant to provide a sound moral education to the Catholic children of this area, it is open to all children on merit irrespective of caste, creed and religion. We will cooperate with like-minded agencies to promote education, health and social development to nurture God-loving personalities and leaders for the nation through the process of human resource development

The Catholic Mission in NAWADA district of Bihar functions primarily for the benefit of the poor ,backward and oppressed people of the region. Mission backs its age over a century and above .From the beginning till today it has never stepped aside from its track. Today the mission is grateful to the great pioneers, for their inspirational life and hard work.


St.Joseph’s at a glance

* Founded in 1973

* Situated on 06 acre

* 25% boarding school

Class Timings

Day School     (July to Nov)   : 7.00 a.m. to 1. 00 p.m.
Morning School (April, May) : 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
Winter Days (Dec to March)  : 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.



A truly spacious and vast Temple of Knowledge, where books are the deities and students the worshippers. Glass cupboards line  the walls from top to bottom arranged with a colossal variety of books of authors famous and not so famous, from Fiction to Non-fiction, Encyclopedias galore, Reference books on subjects ranging from Arts to Science and Humanities.

Computer Lab

Elegance and utility merge to give maximum modern technological benefit in the Computer Lab. The impressive array of multi-media computers and other accessory is indeed a delight for the eyes. The Lab remains the hub of activity throughout the day; a place where students converge with enthusiasm and eagerness, trying out their operational skills. The lab is skillfully equipped with the latest software, proper networking and access to the Net.

Science Lab

Separate Labs exist for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These Labs are extremely spacious and well maintained with separate storerooms attached and are beautifully equipped with the latest Scientific apparatus as per the requirements of CBSE. The Labs are upgraded very often to keep in touch with the student requirements. They provide the perfect place for   students to work with ease and maximum efficiency at their experiments, which form the basis of their study of Science subjects.

Audio Visual Room

The compact and well designed hall, where learning and entertainment merge with technology. Excellent for use of Conferences, Seminars etc.


The spacious Auditorium is the heart and pressure point of the School and it's activities -a multi-purpose wonder, giving the advantage of "all weather use” for students.

Music Room

This room is also used as a Recording Studio with high quality recording facilities. Music, Songs, Dramas etc. for school programmes are thus recorded using internally available sources

Game And Sports

We provide ample opportunities for outdoor and indoor games to have the healthy development of mind and body. Courts are provided in the grounds for Throw Ball, Group Dynamics, Foot Ball, Cricke ;etc to cater to individual taste and talent.

Maths Lab

The Maths Lab of our St.Joseph's School is special. It gives our students a good opportunity to make the learning process an interesting. Mathematical symbols are imposed on the wall in attractive colours and shapes